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Why Puerto Viejo?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Or Wolaba as we like to call it -is a Jamaican surfer town located along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The first descendants of the town emigrated to the to the country in 1872 to work on a railroad that would bring imports from the Port of Limon to the capital, San Jose. The previous workers on the land fell victim to illness brought on by the tropical climate, however the region bore a strong similarity to the island of Jamaica, hence the workers thrived.

Those workers decided to stay, establishing fruit plantations along the original line of the railroad. Puerto Viejo bears home to the most culturally rich region of Central America. There is a myth that the Caribbean side of Cost Rica has not waves (let's let them keep believing this is true.) However this is far from the truth, bearing home to dozens of waves, as well as the one of the most gut wrenching reef breaks on this side of the equator, "Salsa Brava."

The truth is the Caribbean has breaks that accommodate all surf skill levels. From the center of Limon right until the end of Manzanillo, there's surf at every turn! This long kept secret is the reason why the coast pumps out some of the most incredible surfers. Their style is swift and with energy, mirroring the personality of the Caribbean Sea.

Even though surfing Wolaba is one the most incredible experiences, there is so much more this coast has to offer. From cacao tours to hiking to see nightlife fauna, la provincia de Limon has it all. Those that have dared to travel off the beaten path were rewarded with finding this hidden gem- is it your turn to as well?

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