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Meet The Team


Natasha Brown


Accidentally stumbling upon Puerto Viejo in 2013, Natasha came looking for waves and adventure. Instead she found family, community, and her home.


A former educator with a background in technology, she wanted to use her own skills and experience to bring the talent of this incredible town to the rest of the world- hence how Salty Afro was born.


Topo Hernandez

Lead Instructor

Topo is a kind hearted surfer with a strong willingness to help others. He has an admirable connection with nature and is an amazing storyteller, sharing stories of Puerto Viejo when it was still in it's pure, raw form.

The sea is his home, and he is truly a living legend. Topo graces us with his extensive knowledge and love of the sea, with a strong desire to help each and every surfer enjoy their time both on land and in the water. We are both honored and grateful to have Topo's energy guide the Salty Afro team!


Jetsie Hernandez


Jetsie, a Puerto Viejo native, comes from a family of surf royalty. The daughter of local surf legend Topo, Jetsie overcame her fear of water- and hasn't left the board since! She is gifted with such a graceful surf style that cannot be replicated.

When she's not surfing, Jetsie spends her time educating children. Her approach to teaching allows students to connect with the nature around them while receiving a more wholesome approach to education. Jetsie is the glue to our Salty Afro team, we wouldn't be where we are without her!


Darshan South


Darshan graces us with his presence from the quiet laid back town of Manzanillo, the last stop on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica before the Panamanian border. To say Darshan has talent is an understatement. What makes him such a force is his devotion and commitment to perfecting his craft.

Watching him just once on a wave is a sight you'll never forget. His charismatic personality and charm make him the heart & soul of the Salty Afro team!


Moushel Salomòn


From a young age Moushell has had a natural connection to the water, starting by just sharing some waves with friends at Cocles beach.

After some time, she realized that her skills in the water were a gift, and started to pursue body boarding professionally, placing in the 2020 Salsa Brava Challenge. When she's not competing, she can be seen training in some of the biggest waves out at Salsa Brava. Her courage and strength is the perfect addition to our

Salty Afro team!


Dexter Lewis


Dexter is one of the lucky souls that gets to call this beautiful Caribbean town his home. From a young age it was apparent that he was unique- and has been able to use his talents to flourish, including launching his own surf company, Lewis Brothers Surf!


He's a man of many talents, and it is inspiring to see him surfing the massive, gut wrenching waves of Salsa Brava.


Dexter is an integral part of the Salty Afro family and we are honored to have him on board!

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