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So... what is Salty Afro Surf?

Let's be real- the majority of spaces within the surf community strive to be inclusive, but miss the mark.

The struggle to find a place for us is real. Salty Afro Surf is the collective we've waited for. A place where we have the space to pass down lessons from generations of surfers. Our goal is simple: more diversity in the lineup.

We're here to share our knowledge, our energy, our love. We welcome you to join our experience here at Salty Afro Surf!

Salty Afro Surf Camp

What's the plan?

Happy SUP

Surf Lessons and Coaching

Our team consists of the most experienced and professional surfers local to the surf community in Puerto Viejo. Every day will consist of two hours of surf followed by coaching, with video analysis for more advance levels.


Our workshops provide insight to all the questions you've ever had about surfing. From how to read waves, protecting your hair, and more, we will provide insight passed down to us from generations before (and some through trial and error!)


Activities and Tours

Although surf is the main focus of this trip, we also want to introduce you to everything this beautiful community has to offer! We'll offer activities such as learning how chocolate is made,  fauna and flora of the jungle, waterfalls, and more. You'll go home already thinking about your next visit to this wonderful town.

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